NetOn.Live Shows Future of Live Production with Latest Version of LiveOS Production Platform at IBC 2023 – Sep 2023

At IBC 2023, on booth 10.C10, NetOn.Live is showcasing the latest version of its innovative LiveOS Production Platform. We will demonstrate a lot of new specialized applications, features and partner integrations, a full list can be found in our IBC 2023 Press Release. Read the full press release here.

Customer Testimonial: NEP Finland uses LiveOS for Veikkaus Lottery productions – Aug 2023

As part of NEP Finland’s recent move to its new headquarters, the company built three new studios and five control rooms in Helsinki’s western Pasila district. One of the central goals in building these state-of-the-art, IP-based facilities, was to automate and streamline production for popular weekly shows such as the Finnish Lotto and Eurojackpot. In this Customer Testimonial article, Jyrki Lepistö, the COO of NEP Finland, explains why they chose LiveOS and how it has innovated NEP’s production process. Read the article here. (picture courtesy of Veikkaus)

News for the Hearing Impaired @ VRT Belgium – Aug 2023

LiveOS goes on-air every day at Belgian public broadcaster VRT. VRT produces the news for the hearing impaired (Vlaamse Gebarentaal Journaal) in a self-operated LiveOS studio. Cameras and incoming news feeds are sent to the LiveOS platform in VRT’s datacenter over their ST 2110 network; the PGM out signals are going in ST 2110 from LiveOS to the VRT MCR.

If you like to watch the VGT News, you can log in to the VRT Max platform by clicking here.

NEP Finland selects LiveOS for Veikkaus Lottery productions – Mar 2023

NEP Finland has implemented a new production system and automated graphics workflow for the Lotto and Eurojackpot live productions. The highly flexible and versatile platform is powered by LiveOS, SPX graphics and our partner Pipeline Media. The collaboration has enhanced the quality, efficiency, and speed of the broadcasts, delivering a more engaging and immersive experience to viewers. Read the full press release here. (picture courtesy of Veikkaus)

NetOn.Live Showcases Latest Version of LiveOS Production Platform at NAB 2023 – Mar 2023

At NAB 2023, on booth C1812, NetOn.Live, an innovative provider of live and remote IP production solutions, is showcasing the latest version of its revolutionary LiveOS Production Platform for live IP-based media production. The LiveOS platform allows organizations to design, configure, and quickly spin up multiple concurrent productions, such as drama, sports, news, and entertainment. Read the full Press Release here.

VRT (BE) uses LiveOS for prime time talk show – De Warmste Week – Dec 2022

A LiveOS mobile platform was used to produce a daily, live and on-location talk show in December during VRT’s “De Warmste Week” charity event. The talk show was aired during prime time on VRT’s main TV channel “één” and on the VRT Max OTT platform. The feedback after a week of daily operations was unanimously positive. We look forward to repeating this event and many more this year!

NetOn.Live receives grant from Flemish Government for innovation project – Dec 2022

The Cloud Media Production project has been selected for the Digital Transformation program by the Flemish Government. The Cloud Media Production project is an innovative collaboration between NetOn.Live, Bruzz and De Buren. The project investigates remote live media production strategies and how cloud architectures can enable innovative workflows. You can read the press release here (dutch).

VRT selects LiveOS for their Software Based Studio project – Oct 2022

LiveOS has been chosen by Belgian public broadcaster VRT as the video service for their Software Based Studio Project. NetOn.Live was awarded the contract after going through a public tender process. With this strategic and forward-looking project VRT wants to make its production environment more adaptable and scalable so that they can focus more on users, creativity, and work processes.

Read the full press release here.

Fully remote E2E production & delivery workflow in 2 sec – Sept 2022

Together with THEO Technologies we’ve developed an end-to-end live production workflow with a worldwide delivery in under 2 seconds, glass to glass. In layman’s terms: less than two seconds after the goal has been scored, you can watch it on your phone, tv or laptop wherever you are. A workflow very suitable for live sports, news, auctions, education or sports betting. In this LinkedIn Article you can find more detail on how this workflow is built and what you can do with it.

Economic Benefits of Software-Based Live Production – Aug 2022

In this LinkedIn article, NetOn.Live zooms in on how moving to software for live production will result in lower energy, maintenance & engineering costs, more flexibility, shareability and many other benefits.

Remote, over the internet, live sports production – March 2022

Using SRT for remote production

In this video we explain how LiveOS and the Matrox Monarch EDGE SRT encoders & decoders, are succesfully being used to offer a remote live sports production workflow over the public internet. This is a recording of a presentation that was given during the SVG SI summit in March 2022.

Decentralised Production

Controlling one production from 3 different physical locations around the globe

In this video Karel (Brussels – BE), Pelle (Stockholm – SE) and David (Singapore – SG) are collaborating on the same live production at the same time. They each log on to the same LiveOS production via the web browser on their laptop. The production is a 3 camera show (SMPTE 2110 signals), running on a LiveOS system in the NetOn.Live headquarters (BE).

Video over IP Clean Switching

Perform clean switching between SMPTE 2110 video sources everywhere in the network, at scale and at speed

In this video Karel explains what the LiveConnect Video over IP Network Switches and SDN solution can bring to the table for professional video infrastructures.