LiveOS Production Suites

LiveOS offers live media production functionality such as video switchers, playlists, recorders, metadata, graphics, cam control, 3rd party integrations, automation, scheduling and more. LiveOS Production Software modules are operated in the web browser or on hardware panels. Continue here.

LiveOS Infrastructure Suite

LiveOS Infrastructure Suite is the base on which to run your LiveOS productions, including license, user, asset and resource management, orchestration and databases. Continue here.

LiveOS Media Server

LiveOS Media Server is a Common Off The Shelf (COTS) server equipped with graphics, acceleration and high density network cards. The LiveOS Media Server will run LiveOS functionalities such as video switcher, playlists, recorder, graphics, cam control, automation and more. Continue here.

LiveConnect Switch & SDN

LiveConnect is the innovative Video over IP solution, and consist out of network switches and an SDN controller.
LiveConnect boasts live video-specific features such as: uncompressed SMPTE2110 video and audio transport, Video Clean Switching in the network, automated configuration and inband management of the network and edge devices, an additional security layer, live telemetry on port and stream level. Continue here.

LiveOS is built with a layered architecture:

  • The media production applications (LiveOS Production Suites) are running on a software platform (LiveOS Infrastructure Suite).
  • LiveOS Production Suites and LiveOS Infrastructure Suite run on a hardware platform.
  • The hardware platform consists out of LiveOS Media Servers, LiveOS Infrastructure Servers and the LiveConnect Network Switches and SDN controller. All of these are built using COTS hardware.

On the following pages you can find out more on our products:

On the LiveOS Configurations page you can find how your LiveOS system can look like.