LiveOS streaming live from Paris Games Week 2023

Paris, France, November 4th 2023 – At the recent Paris Games Week (PGW) video games trade show, held at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, BOB (Boîte à Outils Broadcast) and Puzzle Média collaborated to establish an exceptionally innovative workflow. They employed the LiveOS solution from NetOn.Live to efficiently produce and live stream the event.

The main wish of Director Michael Berrebi was to be on the show floor during the production. As he says, “I always want to be as close as I can get to the heart of the action”. Equipped with a tablet PC and a headset, Berrebi traversed the PGW convention show floor, alongside a team of 2 presenters, 3 camera operators, 3 producers and 2 technical support personnel. They interviewed visitors, gamers and developers and they showed the newest games and trends.

Through the web-based LiveOS user interface on his tablet, the director remotely controlled video switching, configured the video effects, played out video clips and inserted on-air graphics. In the BOB control room, he received additional support from a chief engineer, audio mixer, intercom administrator and graphics operator.

“Being able to talk to my hosts, guests and camera operators, directly or via intercom, while navigating the show floor and having all my LiveOS production controls on a tablet is truly amazing. It allowed me to capture the shots I envisioned and create a compelling 9-hour live show. This is undoubtedly the future of live production giving the power to directors to create more compelling programs.,” concluded Berrebi.

The camera signals, microphones and live video feeds from various gaming consoles were transmitted to a remote TV control room provided by service provider BOB in Bondy, in the north of Paris, utilizing an Aviwest 4G bonding solution. At BOB’s, a LiveOS production running on a LiveOS private cloud, managed all aspects of live video and audio, video clips, graphics and recordings.

“I’ve been using the LiveOS software primarily for remote talk shows and sports production so far. The flexibility of LiveOS allowed me to create this new production template with just a few mouse clicks, saving me days of preparation and configuration work. Using the web-based user interface, the director could train and prepare the production in the comfort of his own home-office, and of course walk around on the showfloor during the live broadcast.” says Cyril Mazouer, CEO of BOB.

Facilitated by a combination of Clearcom, Aviwest and LiveOS intercom, every member of the production team could listen to the appropriate N-1 feeds and communicate with one another through private and group channels.

“Such an advanced workflow is a powerful example of the power of the LiveOS solution which offers flexibility, shareability and allows a remote production, all at the service of a better creativity. This has always been my vision and a driver of the development of our solution. I congratulate the entire team at BOB for creating and setting up this workflow independently.” says Michel De Wolf, Founder and CEO of NetOn.Live.

You can watch excerpts of the 9-hour live show here.

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Made possible by Puzzle Média and Boîte à Outils Broadcast.