NetOn.Live Showcases Latest Version of LiveOS Production Platform at NAB 2023

Brussels, Belgium, March 22, 2023At NAB 2023, on booth C1812, NetOn.Live, an
innovative provider of live and remote IP production solutions, is showcasing the latest version
of its revolutionary LiveOS Production Platform for live IP-based media production. The LiveOS
platform allows organizations to design, configure, and quickly spin up multiple concurrent
productions, such as drama, sports, news, and entertainment.
“Video over IP is the future of production, but many live or near-live products fall short when
delivering a modular software platform that enables local, remote, and decentralized
production,” said Michel De Wolf, CEO, NetOn.Live. “Our customers tell us we are ahead of
competing solutions which is something we are very proud of.”
NAB Attendees will see how LiveOS can support any type of production, from a single recording
studio to a multi-studio facility with enterprise broadcast infrastructure. Powerful and flexible,
LiveOS enables organizations to intelligently harness private cloud production power between
multiple simultaneous productions and locations. LiveOS is a video-over-IP solution that
leverages the advantages of SMPTE 2110, while providing seamless switching in the IP switch
without delays. Running on COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) hardware, LiveOS represents a
new, cost-effective approach to equipping production facilities for any type of program at the
highest quality.
“Compared to traditional equipment, a LiveOS production/installation is significantly more
compact and efficient. It saves on floor/rack space, power, and cooling, making it a much more
environmentally friendly solution,” says De Wolf. “The hallmark of LiveOS is its very low
production frame delay (glass to glass) and our ability to seamless switch sources without delay
within our LiveConnect network switches.”
LiveOS allows organizations to perform comprehensive productions in a software only IP world.
External panels like video switchers, audio mixers, SloMo controllers and more can be easily
added to the system if operators prefer tactile interfaces. The flexibility of LiveOS allows
services and capabilities to be added at any time. Organizations benefit from a more predictable
and transparent Opex with shorter and lighter IT investment cycles.
NAB attendees will also see NetOn.Live’s remote production unit “REMI” which allows users to
take a “carry-on” sized bag that contains all the connectivity required for a four-camera
production. The REMI unit simply connects back to base by either a dark fibre or open Internet
connection, enabling a complete multicamera production. REMI is designed for sporting events
and matches that are not tier one but still need coverage, or for debates and meetings where 2-
4 cameras are needed, including company events, townhall events, and political debates.
For organizations ready to take the next step in media production, the latest version of LiveOS
is available now. Book a meeting with NetOn.Live at NAB at the following link:
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About NetOn.Live
NetOn.Live is a mediatech company based in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2017 we’ve been
creating, selling and supporting LiveOS software solutions and LiveConnect video-over-IP
network solutions. A team of highly skilled, motivated and hard-working colleagues, together we
strive to offer our customers future-proof and cutting-edge technology, enabling them to
implement new workflows and innovate the media production process.
Media Contact:
Doug Hansel – HighRez

+1 603-537-9248