VRT Selects LiveOS for Software Based Studio Project

Brussels, 27 October 2022: NetOn.Live, the leading media technology start-up, today announced that its LiveOS software platform has been chosen by Belgian public broadcaster VRT as the video service for their Software Based Studio Project.

NetOn.Live was awarded the contract after going through a public tender process. LiveOS is an award-winning solution that moves functionalities traditionally found in dedicated hardware devices to software modules, that run on generic IT servers. It offers a transformative easy-to-use, web-based environment for production teams of any size.

With installation times moving from months to days, lower power consumption, cooling and rack space requirements, working with LiveOS is more sustainable and cost effective than traditional broadcasting workflows.

“With this project we want to make our production environment more adaptable and scalable, so we can put more focus on users, creativity, and work processes.” says Dries Tastenhoye, Project Manager of the Software Based Studio Project.

“We’re eager to start the collaboration with NetOn.Live in this strategic, forward-looking project,” says Stijn Lehaen, Technology Director at VRT. “Throughout the tendering procedure and the ensuing PoC, they’ve shown that LiveOS is a mature platform that offers the flexibility and shareability we’re looking for, while maintaining the lowest latencies and highest, uncompressed video quality.”

“LiveOS is a truly transformative platform that can enable local, remote, and decentralised live media production,” says Michel De Wolf, Founder and CEO of NetOn.Live. “We believe that moving away from broadcast-specific hardware to unified IT equipment and software will change the face of broadcasting for the better.”

About NetOn.Live:

NetOn.Live is a media technology startup founded in Brussels in 2017 by broadcast expert Michel De Wolf. The company’s fifteen employees account for over 100 years of experience in the broadcast technology industry with leading technology providers, as well as projects commissioned by dozens of broadcasters. Discover more on www.neton.live

About VRT:

The VRT is the public broadcaster of the Flemish Community in Belgium. It is geared towards all Flemings, in all their uniqueness and diversity. The VRT presents high-quality and distinctive content in the areas of information, culture, education, entertainment and sports. With its three television channels, five radio stations and various digital channels, the VRT reaches 90% of all Flemish people every week. In this way, the VRT can be relevant, have a social impact, contribute to a pluralistic debate and strengthen democracy. The VRT stimulates people to experience culture and language, and propagates the Flemish identity. The VRT is future-oriented and focuses on innovation and digitization. The broadcaster plays an important role in the Flemish media ecosystem and cooperates with numerous national and international partners from various fields.