About NetOn.Live

NetOn.Live is a mediatech company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.
Since 2017, we have been dedicated to creating, selling, and supporting LiveOS software solutions and LiveConnect Video over IP network solutions.

Working in a highly skilled, motivated, and hard-working team we are committed to providing our customers with future-proof and cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to empower you to implement new, flexible, and efficient workflows, fostering innovation in the media production process.


How and Why it all started

The founders of NetOn.Live established the Brussels-based company in 2017 due to their recognition of the potential that IT technology could bring to the real-time media production industry.

During that period, a few forward-thinking broadcasters were making the initial “moves to IP” in broadcast technology, transitioning from SDI signal transport to a Video over IP network. However, despite this shift, the connected devices responsible for audio and video processing, as well as the corresponding workflows, largely remained unchanged.

This transition even presented some new challenges, as video clean switching became unavailable, interoperability was not assured, and the configuration and fine-tuning processes were time-consuming. Engineering staff found themselves needing to transition from being SDI specialists to becoming adept at networking and software development.

The founders of NetOn.Live observed that computer servers were rapidly reaching a level of speed and strength that enabled them to execute uncompressed audio and video processing through software. This process would run on a shared pool of computing power rather than on dedicated devices.

This shift promised to introduce the flexibility, agility, efficiency, and continuous improvement typically seen in IT environments into the broadcast technology sector. Additionally, it would enable the automation of a significant portion of configuration and monitoring tasks, resulting in shorter project lead times and reduced re-engineering costs. Moreover, it would establish the foundation for a Corporate Cloud and Public Cloud solution for high-end live media production.

That’s why we developed the LiveOS solution in collaboration with a team of passionate, experienced, and hard-working software developers.

The initial version of LiveOS underwent testing and was successfully deployed on-air in 2019 and 2020.
These experiences instilled confidence in NetOn.Live, leading us to the current state where we offer a market-ready LiveOS solution.

This solution is now utilized daily on-air by our global customers, including NEP Finland for National Lottery productions, VRT Belgium for daily news and sports commentary production, Boîte à Outils Broadcast France for remote talk shows, sports games, and trade show production, DB Video Belgium for conferencing events, and more.

With a continually expanding team of developers, product specialists, sales representatives, and support personnel, we usher the live content creation process into the IT age. LiveOS provides the flexibility, agility, sustainability, and economic advantages you seek. This is achieved while adhering to the highest broadcasting standards, ensuring uncompressed video quality, no latency, and the robustness and redundancy demanded in professional media production environments.

LiveOS facilitates a seamless transition to IP, allowing you to start reaping the benefits from day one.