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Sports Production

Every Moment Counts

Transform your sports productions with our cutting-edge remote and on-premise sports production solutions, designed to streamline workflows and maximize efficiency. Our centralized platform empowers you to control multiple simultaneous games from anywhere in the world.

With proven reliability and scalability, our technology ensures you can meet the demands of any production, big or small. Say goodbye to traditional setups and welcome flexibility and cost savings as you access everything you need from a single platform. Elevate your broadcasts and captivate audiences with our comprehensive control room solutions – because in sports broadcasting, every moment counts.

Scalable Slomo/Replay, HTML5 Graphics & Remote Commentary

The LiveOS Slomo/Replay application offers scalable capabilities, supporting 1 to 12 channels per slomo position and accommodating multiple slomo positions per production. Features include a PGM/PVW mode, image interpolation, In/Out markers, clip creation and highlights playlist management. A custom-built hardware panel gives you immediate access to vital functions using the t-bar, the jog/shuttle wheel, and the push buttons.

Our LiveOS HTML5 sports graphics engine provides essential elements such as the slomo wipe, scoreboards, timers, and lower thirds.

Enhance your storytelling and communications, with the LiveOS remote commentary and intercom capabilities, accessible from different locations such as the stadium, the production headquarters or from home.