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News Production

Every segment hits the mark

LiveOS is your ally for delivering lightning-fast live news. Stay ahead with our Studio Automation functionalities, managing playout, graphics, camera, robotics, and light control. Seamlessly integrate with the Newsroom Control System using the LiveOS MOS Gateway and HTML Plugin, ensuring every segment hits the mark.

Whether in the newsroom or the studio, LiveOS keeps you connected and in control, delivering flawless news coverage wherever you are. Elevate your live news production with LiveOS today!

MOS Gateway, HTML plugin and Automation Playlist

With the LiveOS NRCS HTML plugin, journalists can browse, preview, and add LiveOS media clips, graphics templates, and automation macros to the news rundown or talk show script. MOS gateway synchronization and/or API communication ensures that the corresponding LiveOS production will be populated with the correct clips, graphics, and automation macros.

With the LiveOS Automation Suite, operators can manage all production elements, effects, and transitions from one “rundown-style” automation playlist. Backed by additional automation triggers and controls like GPIO, API, robotics control, and event-driven wait states, the LiveOS automation becomes a powerful tool to simplify your workflow and increase control over your production.

Use Cases