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Remote Production

Use LiveOS as a platform for remote productions of live sports, music, talking heads and any other multicam live event.

  • Contribution and return of the video and audio feeds via SRT, NDI, SDI 4G/5G bonding devices or via direct optical connections (dark fiber)
  • Operate your production from anywhere in the world, using the web based user interface and programmable hardware panels
  • Distribute your live content online, using integrated live streaming solutions

Reorganise operating crews, redefine production roles

  • Keep operators in the production office, the control room or at home, downsize on-site crew and spend less on travel
  • Personalised, widget-based user interface for 1 man band operations, as well as for a team operators
  • Control remote devices such as PTZ cams, Tally, Lights and Audio using the LiveOS user interface

Workflow integration

  • Launch and operate simultaneous productions, of varying complexity
  • On-prem integration with MAM, MCR IO, editing and graphics department available for all productions
  • LiveOS metadata and scheduling tools allow for efficient production planning and workflow management – integration with company planning and rundown systems available

Use Cases