LiveOS Production Suites

  • Live Media Production functionality in LiveOS is packaged in LiveOS Production Suites
  • Create your own customized Production Suites, by selecting and interconnecting the required Functional Modules for your production.
  • Spin up as many LiveOS Production Suites as you want at the same time, within the limits of your LiveOS processing pool (= the sum of all LiveOS Media Servers processing power combined).
  • Available Functional Modules
    • (please contact us for the complete list of available functionalities and integrations)
    • Audio and video processing modules such as video switchers, playlists, recording, slow-motion, replay, keyers, DVE, cam control, PTZ cam control, automation, audio control, graphics and much more
    • Preparation and after-care tools such as call-sheet, scheduling, playlist, graphics and metadata preparation, and reviewing the recorded clips after the production
  • Operate LiveOS in a web based user interface, via widgets that control the underlying functional software modules. Users compile personalized layouts by putting the required widgets on-screen. Programmable hardware panel support is available.
  • Available 3rd party integrations: PTZ cam control and tally, Audio engines, Light consoles, MOS gateway, Programmable hardware panels, API interfacing, OSC, Broadcast Controllers, Newsroom systems, MAM & PAM solutions.