The LiveOS Media Server performs live audio & video processing of LiveOS productions.

The LiveOS Media Server is based on commercially available server platforms (e.g. Dell PowerEdge, HP DL series, SuperMicro, etc.).

On the LiveOS Media Server(s), functional modules such as video switchers, playlists, recorders, keyers, graphics, etc., are being spun up and executed as required by the productions you are running.

LiveOS environments require one or more LiveOS Media Servers, depending on your need for processing power and redundancy.
When running multiple servers, the LiveOS Media Servers are organised as one big pool of available processing power, which can be allocated to different simultaneous live & recorded productions.
That way you can create a Private Cloud for live media production.

Media I/O:

  • The LiveOS Media Server is equipped with a SMPTE2110 Processing and IO Card (32 IN and 32 OUT at 1080i50).
  • 2* 10Gbs and 2* 1Gbs network connections are being used for NDI, SRT, data-streams and other media formats, file transfers and communication.

Read/Write Video Files

  • For recording of video and audio, 2TB of fast data storage can be added (optional)
  • For read/write actions of video files, an H264 acceleration card can be added (optional)