Remote and decentralized production

  • Remote production through a direct data connection (e.g. a dark fiber) or over the open internet with SRT connectivity.
  • Concurrent users can control a LiveOS production via the web based User Interface from anywhere in the world and work together simultaneously and synchronized.
  • Intercom is available in the browser to ensure good communication without need for external intercom solution.

Shareable Private Cloud

  • Centrally organized LiveOS computing power is available for multiple studio floors and control rooms, inside and outside the broadcast center.
  • Multiple productions can run simultaneously on the same LiveOS infrastructure.
  • LiveOS is a shareable “Private Cloud” for uncompressed live media production.

Automate and Schedule deployment of productions

  • Fast spinning up and winding down of a production (<1min)
  • Run multiple simultaneous productions on the same LiveOS system.
  • Schedule your productions and maximise the usage of your LiveOS system.