Economic & Ecologic Benefits

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Leverage your investment

  • In a hardware centric studio, you build for peak use: you design for the largest show you want to be able to perform in the studio. Day to day use will only require subsets of this infrastructure. The infrastructure is rigid and underused; re-engineering takes time and money.
  • In a LiveOS software studio, you build for average use. You can spin up and down different productions, servicing different studio-floors with different functionalities, on the same pool of processing power. The infrastructure is very flexible, re-engineering becomes a swift process.
  • Run multiple productions independently and simultaneously on one Shared and Centralized LiveOS system. You no longer need to build and equip a data center next to each studio floor. You will achieve exponential cost savings with a growing LiveOS setup.
  • Always have a fresh system, as our functionalities are added, updated and expanded continuously. This will increase your flexibility and competitiveness.

Lean and Green

  • LiveOS IT approach brings installation and configuration times down to days instead of weeks or months.
  • Significantly lower maintenance and re-engineering Opex with IT-style monitoring, predictive maintenance and automated configuration & deployment of new productions.
  • LiveOS reduces the carbon footprint with lower power consumption, less cooling requirements, less rack space.
  • Unified operator positions: a touchscreen and a compact and programmable hardware panel will do for most operator actions.

Smaller, redefined and decentralized production

  • Tailor workflows to the needs of the production with a customizable GUI and automation engine.
  • Redefine production roles.
  • Deploy smaller production teams.
  • The GUI is accessible from anywhere, which offers the possibility of decentralized production.