What is LiveOS?

  • LiveOS is an end-to-end software solution for live and near-live media production.
  • The LiveOS solution runs on commercially available IT hardware: computer servers, network switches and SDI/IP gateways.
  • LiveOS is open to 3rd party hardware and software integrations.
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LiveOS web based user interface

From Hardware to Software

  • LiveOS translates the functionality inside dedicated hardware into software modules that can be spun-up and combined depending on the needs of your production.
  • A state of the art Video over IP network offers video clean switching, lowers need for glue-ware and allows for remote and decentralized productions.
  • Live and near-live production becomes more flexible, scalable and future-proof with the LiveOS solution.

Remote, Shared & Automated

  • Remote, decentralized and/or local production over private network and/or open internet.
  • Run multiple independent productions simultaneously on one LiveOS system.
  • Fast spinning up and winding down of productions (<1min.).
  • Schedule and automatically spin up productions.

GUI, Widgets, API & Automation

  • The LiveOS Graphical User Interface (GUI) controls the software modules through Restful API.
  • Operate the software modules via their corresponding Widgets.
  • Compile your personalized workspace by combining the widgets u need access to.
  • The GUI can be accessed via the Google Chrome web browser. Control via hardware panels is also available.
  • Intercom and chat is available in the web browser GUI for communication between multiple operators collaborating on the same live production.
  • The automation engine allows you to automate tasks and trigger events or timelines.

COTS IT & Open Standards

  • LiveOS runs on Common Off The Shelf (COTS) computer servers.
  • Audio and video signal transport over an SDN controlled Real-Time Network.
  • Seamless video switching in the network at scale and at speed.
  • SMPTE ST 2110, NDI, SDI and SRT input & output formats.
  • PTP, SMPTE 2022-7, NMOS and LLDP for broadcast grade robustness.

Management Tools

  • Manage users & roles.
  • Manage assets & production metadata.
  • Design, prepare and schedule your productions and workflows.
  • Monitor activity and performance.